Our world is better connected

than ever before.

We are more inventive than ever before.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, patent applications filings worldwide grew by 4%.

However, why 85% of all these patents are never commercialized and become left-on-the-shelf technology?

And why are innovation ecosystems not linked with each other?

During the past decades, the costs of R&D worldwide have multiplied. At present, it takes roughly 10 years and 10-100M $ to discover and commercialize a new material.

And this is only in the material science industry.

At The Adjacent Possible we believe we can challenge the status quo.

We've spent thousands of hours on re-thinking, designing, and experimenting with possible alternative scenarios for cross-industry R&D.

The most promising of our experiments is what we named the "Idea Exploratorium", an AI-powered machine that generates novel ideas. Thanks to our proprietary methodology, we blend together existing and emerging technologies to build the intellectual property that will fuel the businesses of tomorrow.

We partner with industry-leading experts, universities, clients, and incubators to build POCs, MVPs, prototypes, and products that will eventually become companies themselves.

We are a born-global deep-tech startup that runs parallel safe-to-fail experiments, aiming at being a holding company. Or an incubator. Or an accelerator. Or both.

We define ourselves as cross-industry serial innovators. We are ourselves an ongoing experiment, aiming at using the unique expertise of our core team and network to build a better future.