Reinventing the Art of Possibility.

The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.
- William Gibson


When your company needs to transform

Adjacent Possible is an innovation agent that nurtures practical research ideas and helps to transform, build and develop businesses from them, in a sustainable way.


When your company needs to scale

It works with research and innovation conglomerates that would like to leverage the market and business uniqueness and creating a bridge from the current working country seen as a combined market platform to scale globally.


When your company needs to innovate

It designs and develops Open Innovation programs to support companies and investors to create strategic connections with research & startup ecosystems to innovate local activities and products as well as exploit potential new international markets to expand.

Why Us

Our Value

Why do we do it

The Unsolved Puzzle

There is an untapped potential to transfer technology from one industry to another. We want to contribute to Open Innovation inside-out with a systematic approach across geographical boundaries and industries.

How do we do it

Create Positive Sum Games

We interconnect international ecosystems by orchestrating their efforts to co-create and leverage technology across industries.

What do we do

Value Co-Creation

The Adjacent Possible is an innovation facilitator that nurtures practical research ideas and helps build, develop, and transform businesses from various industries in a sustainable way.  We generate new IP to co-create competitive advantage with our clients.

About Us

Who we are

Building contemporary idea factories to accelerate R&D through cross-industry serial innovation

We stimulate & grow practical science and business in cross-industry contexts

We are cross-industry Research & Discovery and IP experts creating the Innovation Exploratorium to help organizations and innovation ecosystems to find ADJACENT IP and business opportunities, increasing their profitability and value

We act as a concierge into the IDEA UNIVERSE helping to accelerate discovery, scouting, nursery and nurturing potential applied IP and science driven initiatives in one domain to be translated into high potential sustainable adjacent businesses

We are an accelerate discovery agent and serial innovators

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