We are an idea factory that generates patents to enable the businesses of the future.

Accelerating R&D through cross-industry serial innovation

About Us

The Open Innovation Studio

The Adjacent Possible is an idea factory designed as an Open Innovation Studio that generates new ideas.
Our ideas can become patents, products, or even companies.

Our mission is to connect global technology ecosystems that co-develop common IP applications from different perspectives. We are serial innovators who create and license intellectual property. 

Our Offering

We nurture practical research ideas and help build, develop, and transform businesses from various industries.

IP Intelligence Services

We provide patent intelligence, patent portfolio, and patent competitor analysis.

  • IP Portfolio Analytics Pack
  • IP Portfolio Competitive Dashboard
  • Preliminary Freedom to Operate Analysis Report
  • Preliminary Patent Prior Art Search Report

Consulting Services

We identify patents that can be re-engineered for use into different industries to co-create competitive advantage with our clients.

  • IP/Technology Repurposing
  • IP/Company Brokerage Service

Innovation Services

We entangle international ecosystems by orchestrating their efforts to co-create and leverage technology across industries.

  • Novel Ideas Generation
  • Phy-digital Idea Studio
  • Phy-digital Aspiring Inventors Training
  • “Female Inventors of the Future” Program

Reinventing the Art of Possibility.

Our Contributions

Where we shine

Exploring how digital technologies & applications can

  • make the food chain from farm to table more transparent
  • build connections between different stakeholders in the food chain and
  •  promote more informed and sustainable consumption patterns

Only 12% of inventors are women. We want to decrease inequality and promote new female inventors with our program called “Female Inventors of the Future”.

We stimulate & grow practical science and business in cross-industry contexts. We help to accelerate discovery, scouting, nursery and nurturing potential applied IP and science-driven initiatives in one domain to be translated into high potential, sustainable adjacent businesses.

The Team

William Carbone

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

10 year track record as AI Program Manager, Quantum Ambassador for the Aerospace & Defense industry at IBM

Nicolò Sgobba

Chief Technology Officer Inventor & Patent Engineer

8-year track record as a Consultant, Information Architect, and Serial Inventor at IBM

Vlad Lichtenthal

Chief Scientific Officer Co-founder

PhD in Open Innovation, strategy consultant

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